Flooring for the Beach/Pool House

Residential homes all over New England are classified as “coastal”. These homes are located, obviously, near a coast, signifying close proximity to water.

For homes right on the beach or even with a pool installed outback, flooring is an extremely important factor in outdoor beach/pool houses. Carpets and rugs are a no go here since moisture and sand are so common. So what type of flooring is right for a beach house?

Do opt for:

  • Unglazed tiles – Great for slip resistance
  • Porcelain flooring  – Offer the least amount of care and maintenance
  • Laminate flooring with a moisture-resistant core – It’s family-friendly and offers the look of real hardwood

Generally speaking, you will not want to opt for real, natural hardwood flooring in a beach/pool house setting. The floor’s exposure to moisture will cause it to expand and contract, leading to splitting.

Get your coastal beach/pool house flooring from A.J. Rose Carpets & Flooring. We have two Massachusetts locations – Burlington and Natick – for you to shop!

Information from the World Floor Covering Association

Image from Houzz.com

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