How to Keep Your Rug Looking New

Active homes with kids, pets and lots of foot traffic can take it’s toll on your home’s flooring.  Area rugs take most of the damage by absorbing normal every day dirt and spills. Keep area rugs looking new with these simple tips.

  • Get your rug professionally treated with a professional grade sealer/protectant.
  • Purchase a quality non-slip rug pad – a pad will keep the area rug looking new by increasing it performance by:
  • slowing the process of flattening fibers-flat fibers will weaken the rug’s ability to resist stains and soiling
  • Perform regular rug maintenance to keep the rug fibers strong:
    Rotate the rug on a regular basis to keep the area rug looking new.
  • Regular vacuuming will prevent the normal residual dirt from foot traffic to be impeded too deeply into the area rug.
  • Shampoo the rugs bi-annually, however, choose a dry chemical shampoo treatment over a wet steam method, to prevent damage to the finer fabric area rugs or accidental over soaking that will cause future damage.
  • Area rugs are a perfect way for protecting floors, creating comfort and defining spaces. Use these tips to keep the area rug looking new and in turn; extending the life and beauty of the rug and the floor surface underneath.

Contact AJ Rose Cleaning Services for help keeping your carpets and rugs looking new for as long as possible.

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